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Cliewe Juritza - a real guide with a real story - a former GDR political prisoner offers private guided tours in Berlin

Growing up in East-Berlin, I could not imagine, to spend my whole life in a fenced in country. I tried to escape from the GDR, was imprisoned and finally released to the Federal Republic of Germany. Today Germany is reunited and so is my hometown.

See historic places in Potsdam and Berlin on a Cold War guided tour with me. Hear the story of my own flight attempt from the GDR, which brought me to prison. I will tell you how I was interrogated as a child from the GDRs secret service, the Stasi, after a visit in the old US embassy. Get a feeling of those Cold War days in Berlin and find the traces of the past in this fast changing city.

For a glimpse of the story of my flight attempt, go to the web pages of the UNHCR. You'll find a google translated version .

Come to Berlin and I show you well known and unknown places of Berlin and Potsdam and I'll tell you my personal Cold War story.

Cliewe Juritza

A real guide with a real story

Cliewe's application for release from GDR citizenship.

Cliewe in an article by Sue Chester about the 25th aniversary of the fall of the wall.

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A film of Glenn Elis on Al Jazeera English. with interviews with former prisoners (e.g. Cliewe) and dissidents.